Neglect is Just As Cruel.

Mom and I watched Dog Rescuers last night, and as it always does, it got me to thinking. That program always makes me sad at the things some humans do.

I am a happy hound, I have never been badly treated and I know that I am loved very much. Mom loves dogs and has almost always had one. Now of course, she has two. Me and Charlie.

We are looked after, fed and tagged and kept warm, we have toys and cuddles. Most importantly, we are her family, and are included in most family gatherings like Christmas.

But aside from the humans who are deliberately cruel to their pets, there seems to be a large number of people, who maybe don’t mean to be cruel, but neglect their animals as if they are not worth worrying about.

I just cannot understand why some humans go to the effort of buying a dog if it is not going to be part of the family! What is a dog for, if it is kept in a dirty, lonely yard, with no company? It may be fed, and it might seem healthy but surely it suffers.

A dog is a pack animal.

It needs to belong to a family group, if not other dogs, then a human family. It will love it’s humans regardless of how it is treated, but what sort of life is it for him without family?

Often we see dogs in concrete gardens with very little shelter, often not a water bowl, surrounded by its own mess and hardly ever walked or fussed. And yet the humans they belong to get very upset if you suggest it’s not being cared for properly. They don’t want to give their dog up.

But why do they even want a dog?

There are some that are in the house as family and appear to be loved, but are pitifully thin, or ill, with overgrown coats or claws and yet the humans don’t seem to notice!! How can they not see it?

Are these people somehow deficient in morality or brain cells? Or are they blind? My houndy mind just doesn’t understand.

They don’t seem to see that they are being just as cruel to that dog as if they were beating it. The dog will tolerate almost any kind of abuse from it’s ‘family’ and that I do understand. We need family like we need to eat.

If only humans thought and felt like dogs.

Rant over.


5 thoughts on “Neglect is Just As Cruel.

  1. Cold & callous is what comes to mind. Also self centered to the extreme. You are right … Why have a dog if you won’t love it & make it part of your life.


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