I have decided that life is good. For me, my brother Charlie and me, and for my Mom. We have a warm home, a garden to play in, food to eat, and most of all we have our health, and we have each other.

This week a terrible thing happened to a very good friend of mine. Those who follow me on Twitter will know who I mean. I will not tell her story, because it is her story, not mine, and because it is not finished yet.

This terrible event could happen to any one of us. Dogs, cats and humans alike, can all have a sudden, unexpected accident or act of violence happen to them, with no warning, and no text book telling us how to deal with it.

We have to act on instinct, and react in the only way we think to do, at the moment it happens. There is no right or wrong way to deal with such an incident. Our gut instinct tells us what to do. My friends instinct was good, thank God.

As dogs, or as children even, we trust in our owners or parents to know what to do. I have no idea what I would do, or how I would react if I was attacked, I can only hope that Mom would look after me, as my friends Mom looked after her.

I do know that me and Charlie got extra cuddles last night, Mom held us close, like she never wanted to let us go. I imagine she was thinking about how it would be if it was one of us that had been attacked.

We all think that if we behave properly and treat others with respect, bad things won’t happen to us, but when a loved one is hurt in such a frightening way, it brings home to us that no one is safe. Not any of us. It can happen to anyone.

Accidents also happen, sometimes they are nobody’s fault, but the result can be just as devastating, as for little Roman, permanently disfigured this week. My houndy prayers are with him and his family, and hoping he recovers. X

Like I said at the start, life is good for me. I am so grateful for what I have, and I can only wish my friend Shay, Daisy and now Roman, all my love and prayers for a speedy recovery.


3 thoughts on “Life.

  1. Well said, sweet Bella. We have so much love for you & your family. We send love & kisses to Shayna & her brave Mum & hope for a speedy recovery as well. xxoo


  2. My prayers are with your friend. That is my worst fear. We seem to have a few people in our area who feel their dogs don’t need to be leashed. These also are big dogs. I get so worried when I see dogs off their leashes. I dont know if this is what happened to your friend.

    We also have 2 huge dogs up the block that jump over their fence. They escaped two months ago and Bella and I were face to face with them both. Thank god the owner was there to get them back!

    Enough rambling.

    My heart and prayers are with your sweet friend xx


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