Then There Were Two…..

Tonight we will have had Charlie for a whole week and I have been weighing up the pros and cons of no longer being an only dog.

I did think that I would have someone to snuggle up to at night, considering the cat gets the bed and I have to sleep downstairs on my own. Maybe that day will come, but it hasn’t yet. I might be a bit bony.

He does look a lot like one of my squeaky toys though.


I also thought I might get less of the dirty looks when I parp. But he is sneaky! He doesn’t do any! Well, not that Mom notices anyway, so I’m still getting the blame.

Note to self, slip him some brussel sprouts in the evening.

I worried that I would get less cuddles, but that hasn’t happened, Mom has enough to share. He does sit on her lap a lot but I get the ear rubs while he is there!

And he sits on Dad sometimes which is fine with me!


One bonus is that I get to lick his bowl out sometimes after dinner. He doesn’t leave much to be honest, because he’s eating really well now, but he is not as thorough as me at cleaning up after himself.

I am an expert, it takes a lot of practice.

Walks are more interesting now. Being small, Charlie finds some really good smells for me to investigate, that I would have missed before! He’s especially good at sniffing out other boy dogs.

And now Dad comes walking with us more often! Which we all like.

Another benefit, is that when next doors dog barks, Charlie yaps at them for me, this saves me the bother of getting up to defend my garden. He’s good at it too, very efficient.

I am happy to let him get on with it.

I think I am liking having a brother.


5 thoughts on “Then There Were Two…..

  1. You’re going to be very happy together. It just takes a little time. You are a great pair. Little & big. (Maybe you are a little bony) where does he sleep now? Does he never cuddle with you? He will. He needs to acclimate. He’s been moved all around don’t forget. He needs time to settle in. You are very lucky to have found each other.


  2. You are such a great sister to Charlie, making him feel at home and part of the family. Its not always easy when you were the only dog but you are doing a great job!


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