His Funny Ways!

Me and the little man are so very different, it’s incredible to think that we are so closely related. Dogs come in so many shapes and sizes!


For example, I am big and he is so tiny that he can sit on Moms lap! I so wish I could do that! But he can also be picked up and carried, which he seems to enjoy. I don’t think I would like that!


He also has lots of fluffy bits, on his legs and tummy, and his face gets bits of dinner in it!! He says it’s for a snack later!! My fur is flat and short but shinier and I am far too ladylike to “keep bits for later”!

He sure can run though! Today on our walk, he was allowed off lead, because he is very good at coming back when called. We saw a dalmatian dog off lead too. Charlie ran straight at him to say hello.

The dalmatian ran, and Charlie chased him! Round and round in a big circle around us and the other dogs Dad. They must have gone round ten times and Mom and the man thought it was funny until I pulled my lead and tried to join in!

This made them stop running. The dalmatian barked at me, Charlie then barked at him and I barked at both of them! I could have run faster than both of them! But to be fair, Charlie came straight back to Mom when she called him. I would probably have been too excited!

He doesn’t like Wonky Chomps!

Can you believe that? He doesn’t like any of my dog treats! I will eat almost anything but he is quite fussy. He eats dog meat, but doesn’t like kibble, not the type I eat anyway.


He doesn’t seem to frighten the cat like I do! He just stood wagging his tail at her when they met yesterday! She walked towards him and then stopped and they sniffed each other!

Unheard of when I am around!!

Miffy won’t come near me, probably because I squeal and try to chase her! I cant see us ever being friends, but Miffy and Charlie? Well who knows!!


2 thoughts on “His Funny Ways!

  1. Bella, you are so sweet! You are both quite different and im sure no complaints that Charlie don’t favor your wonky chomps…more for you!

    I just love your new bigger family!


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