Settling In

That first morning Mom and Dad got up early. We went outside for garden duty, and an inspection of our territory. We weren’t out long, at least Charlie wasn’t.

Charlie was sticking to Mom like glue. He wanted to sit on her lap and be cuddled all the time! I tried to get him to play with me but he wasn’t interested.

I know it is bound to be strange for him, he has had such different homes in the last few months, but I think maybe, if I am patient he will come to love me.

So all morning, I followed him around.

After breakfast we were in the garden with Mom. He wasn’t unfriendly to me, it was more like he didn’t see me! I kept following him, and he kept following Mom. I guess it must have looked quite funny!


While Mom put the washing out, he went indoors on his own. We thought he had gone for a sleep, but when we went back into the kitchen, we found this!


He had climbed up amongst the shopping and laid down on Moms jumper! I guess it smelled like her and it was like being with Mom! How sweet!

Except it was naughty to be on the kitchen table!

Mom wasn’t cross though, she just said it was another lesson he had to learn! Like not trying to jump on her lap while she is eating, and not going upstairs.

Shortly after, Moms family arrived with Molly, their golden retriever, and we all went for a walk together. Lillian held Charlies lead and Mom held mine. They all made a big fuss of him, but they stroked me too, so I can’t complain.

It was quite a long walk and Charlie was very well behaved, except when he took a dislike to some big boys with a football!

He barked at them.

Me and Molly just stared at him, we didn’t know what he was making a fuss about, they weren’t even near us! Funny boy!! Maybe he doesn’t like footballs! The children played in the park for a while and then we went home.

After lunch, we both had a nap, and then had a lazy afternoon getting under Dads feet in the kitchen! We found out that Charlie knows how to sit on command! I can’t do that, so I think he must be quite clever. I think it was because Dad offered him some ham.


Mom also offered him a Wonky Chomp in the afternoon, when I had one, and he turned his nose up at it!! He didn’t want any of my other treats either. I was very surprised, but also glad because it means I don’t have to share them!!

I think we make for an interesting family. We are very different but I don’t think that matters at all.


3 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Well said Bella! You’re an interesting family that can learn so much from each other. It’s gonna take a while for all of you to adjust but all worth it. xo


  2. You are such a good girl Bella! It is nice to see you and Charlie getting familiar with each other.

    You are both different and that really makes things interesting. Charlie is a lucky little guy not only to have a wonderful home but the best big sister in the World!!


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