Charlies New Home!

As you will all have gathered by now, I have a new brother! He arrived on Thursday evening when we brought him home with us!


He is a Yorkshire Terrier called Charlie. He’s five years old and very cute! He was looking for a new home because the lady who had owned him, couldn’t keep him any more.

On holiday, we stayed with his foster mother Mary, a good friend of Moms. That was when we met Charlie, and fell in love with him! The owner was happy to let him go and Mary knew we would look after him, so he came home with us!


He was very good on the long drive home, like me, he slept most of the way, all four hours of it! It was a long, long journey!

When we got home, Mom put us both in the garden together..We needed a “break” and it gave me the chance to show him around. He checked the whole garden out and made it smell of him as well as me!! And I followed him about like a shadow! He fascinates me.


He met Dad, who he liked straight away, and got a cuddle from him. It was quite late by then, so Mom gave us our dinner. Charlie didn’t eat all of his so I helped him clean his bowl! I guess he was a little confused by having another new home! I didn’t mind!

We spent the evening all together, making him feel at home. The littluns came round too for a short visit, just to say hello and he lapped up the attention!

Charlie loves people!

That night, Mom put his bed by mine, but he was still a little shy, and when Mom went up to bed, he stood on the bottom step and whined for a while. Mom came down and moved his bed to the bottom of the stairs so he felt closer.


Silly Charlie curled up and went to sleep in the hessian shopping bag instead!

I did go and check on him a couple of times in the night but he seemed okay. He did get up once to poop, which we all expected, as it was all still new to him, but Mom didn’t make a fuss. She just cleaned it up in the morning.

I think he is settling in really well, and I love him already. He just has to learn to play with me


4 thoughts on “Charlies New Home!

  1. Again you have my eyes welling up! That is so sweet! So glad Charlie found his forever home. He looks sweet as can be and he has the greatest sister in the world!


  2. I hope Charlie realizes that he hit the jackpot when Mum decided to take him home. He’s lucky to have a great houndy sis like you. I know you’re gonna take care of him. He’ll start to play with you, just takes a bit of time. Love you. xo


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