The Seaside.

After we came back from the beach, we had a well earned rest at the house. But it was strange being with other dogs. They kept cuddling my Mom!


Me and Daisy

I didn’t really like that very much but I got a cuddle from JDW and Sienna instead! I made friends with them all slowly, it was so nice to be around them! Charlie, the little yorkie, was particularly cute. He was so tiny and kept jumping on Mom’s lap for a tummy rub!

He was being fostered as he was looking for a new home! Poor boy had no Mom! One time, while he was on Mom’s lap, I tried to sniff him and he told me off! I jumped like a scalded cat and the humans laughed at me! Hmmm.


After a lazy afternoon chatting, drinking coffee, and getting to know each other, the people played Snakes and Ladders on the floor. Sienna cheated and Riley tried to join in by walking on the board. There was a lot of laughing going on, and we were all happy.

Later, after we were all fed, we decided to walk into town to get dinner for the humans. Me Riley and Charlie went too. We walked past the fairground, where there were lots of interesting noises and smells, and finally stopped at a chip shop.


Mom bought us sausages! The man in the shop cut them up for us so we shared them! They were very tasty! Another treat! Afterwards the humans had an ice cream again and we sat outside on the balcony to watch people go by. There were lots of other dogs about, all kinds!

Riley wasn’t at all shy and he said hello to everyone, so he got lots of cuddles but I stuck by Mom because I’m not really used to crowds. We all watched as Sienna went on the big bumpy slide, and then we went to the beach again. It was much quieter now, there were just people with dogs, so Mom took my lead off.


Riley swam in the sea and I ran in the surf, we played and ran until it started to get dark. I had the best time ever! When it was nearly dark, we walked over the sand dunes back to the cabin and we all lay around while the humans chatted.

I was wondering where I was going to sleep, and so when they decided it was bed time, I looked at Mom. She smiled at me and said I could sleep on the big bed with her!!

Wowser! What a lucky hound I am!


That night, we all slept really well, despite Rileys very loud snoring! In the morning it was lovely and sunny, we had a walk around the yard and had breakfast. Then we all walked back to the beach.


We played in the water again, and more and more people came, some with dogs. Charlie kept running to each group of people for a cuddle! No one seemed to mind.

Riley ran in the sea, chasing rocks and bringing them back, I think he would have played that game all day! I got very wet and went to sit on the sand with Charlie. Sienna made a sandcastle with Mom, and played with some other children until we were all tired.


When we went home, I was so tired, I just wanted to sleep, so I did. The humans walked into town, and while they were gone, there suddenly was thunder and lots of rain! They came back all wet!

It was nearly time to go home. The rain was heavy, Mom and JDW were talking a lot and it sounded serious. Something was going on, I thought. They both talked to someone on the phone and they looked happy.

As Mom put me into the car, something really odd happened……....


4 thoughts on “The Seaside.

  1. OMD Tell Me!!!!

    Bella, these stories make us smile every time we read them. I save them too so Mom can read them to me again & again. The pictures are always amazing. You are a beautiful houndy living the life! xxoo


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