I Have An Announcement! !

Something very exciting has happened. It was very unexpected, I think even Mom was surprised. I know I was!!!

When Mom had loaded everything into the car, she put something extra on the front seat! Something we didn’t bring with us!!


Little Charlie was strapped into a harness thingy and was coming home with us!


I have a new little brother!

He and I got on very well and Mom said she had fallen in love with him! He needed a new Mommy and I liked him too. He is almost the exact opposite to me but we get along just fine!!


He was very good on the way home and it was a very long way! When we got back, I showed him the garden and he seemed happy!


He loves Mom already and Dad is besotted too! He made himself right at home with me on the sofa and we even had dinner together.

I like him.


He was introduced to the family today and everyone loves him. He is very friendly and confident. We all went for a walk together with Molly and he fitted in perfectly!

I think I am going to like having a brother 🙂


7 thoughts on “I Have An Announcement! !

  1. Oh Bella … I have tears in my eyes. U have a little brother. How wonderful. Mum can’t wait to meet him and we can’t wait to see more & more pictures of the two of you. Meez soooooo happy for u & your whole family. Well now he’s part of my family too I guess 👏👏👏👏👏


  2. Helllloooooo Charlie! He couldn’t have picked a better home! This is Pawsome! You’re gonna be the best big sis ever! Like me! BOL


  3. That is lovely Bella!!!!!! Love your little brother Charlie! He is a cute little boy! Now he has a mommy AND a really beautiful sister!


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