Road Trip!!

Well!! I have had a lot of firsts these past few days! I have got so much to tell you, I don’t know where to start!!

Yesterday, Mom woke up really early, and put lots of things in the car. Then she put my bed in the back, so I kinda guessed that we were going a long way. But I never imagined we would go that far!!!

We drove for hours and hours, I got fed up of whining in the end and tried to sleep. Not easy though as I kept having to look where we were going!

Eventually though we stopped. The air smelt funny and I saw lots of huge birds like pigeons, but bigger. They made a funny noise but didn’t come near so I didn’t get a good look.


We got out of the car and saw JDW and Sienna!! They greeted us and showed Mom where to park. When we got out, I got lots of big cuddles, which is always welcome! I looked up and saw a pretty little wooden house on top of a sand dune! This was where we were going to stay!

We went up the steps to the cabin, and I heard lots of barking! She had four dogs here! I was a bit nervous, but I said hello to them all quickly. Riley made it quite clear that he was in charge, and that was fine with me! I think.

After we had had a drink, JDW put leads on Riley and Charlie, and Mom put mine on too.

Then we went for a walk.

We didn’t go very far along the grass before we came to a little cafe where the humans had some lunch. Afterwards, we went to get an ice cream. JDW bought us dogs one too! I had never had an ice cream before!!


Riley and Charlie licked theirs very politely but I tried to eat mine all at once! It was very cold, but tasted so good! It was my very first one and I really enjoyed it!! I felt so lucky!

Then we walked a little further and the ground suddenly felt squishy beneath my paws!! It was a funny feeling, I kept sinking! Mom had her flippy floppies on and as she walked, they kept flicking that sand stuff in my face! How rude! So I walked in front with Riley instead.

Then I looked up.

Wow!! I saw the most enormous amount of water! And it was groaning and splashing itself about! I had to stop and look at it for a moment. It was a bit scary, but there were children playing in it, so it couldn’t be that bad huh?

We walked along the beach until there were no more people about, and then Mom took my lead off! I was free! I saw Riley running into the sea, and at first I was too scared to go in, but after a while I got excited and wanted to play with him!


So I followed him in and had a bit of a shock, the water was very cold! I didn’t go in too deep, and Mom paddled too, it was such fun!! Charlie didn’t go in the water so me and Riley played for a while. He kept going right under the water, but I wouldn’t. I didn’t fancy that at all!

We went back to the house and I had a good look around. The other dogs were very friendly but I was still a bit nervous because they were not hounds! They were all smaller than me!

Later, we had more adventures but I am very tired now so will finish the story tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Road Trip!!

  1. Awww Bella, you such a lucky houndie! You had a paddle in the sea, an ice cream and met your new friends too!! Soooo jelus ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋


  2. Wow, so many amazing firsts for you. Thank you for sharing this. I love the beach too! Did you get to chase some birds too? I can’t wait to read the rest! xxoo


  3. Wow, sounds like fun Bella and the ice cream part must have been delicious! Your first ice cream! You also went in the water also! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day!


  4. Bella I love these pictures & how well you describe meeting the other pups. Ure so sweet. I loved the playing in the water part too. I read the other part first so I know what’s coming. What a terrific adventure & the the finish … Magnifique!!!!


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