The Visit!

Following on from my monday morning post I have an update on my visit to the vet today. I was right all along by the way!

After lunch, Mom got me all excited by rattling my lead. I thought that I was going for a walk, but instead she went and lifted me into the car! Typical Mom type trickery!

Now I don’t like the car very much but recently I had only been to nice places, so I wasn’t too upset. Until she pulled up in the vets car park.

I jumped out and had a sniff about. Lots of seriously good smells here! We went inside and sat down next to a lady who had no animals with her! Odd I thought, until she stroked me and said she was there to pick up her cat, also called Bella! She had stayed in their kennels.

She said I was beautiful! She chatted with Mom for a while, while stroking my ears, until a lady vet opened a door and called my name. Me and Mom got up, but so did the nice lady! Of course! Two Bellas! They all laughed! But it was me she was looking for so we went in.

The lady vet looked at my spot and said it was a cyst, nothing serious, probably caused by a grass seed or hair. It didn’t look like I needed any antibiotics, and that it was unfortunate that it was on my face, as I was so pretty. I liked her.

But then she squeezed it!

Ouch! It did hurt, but I was very brave. She squeezed some stuff out, and put some cream on. She was a very nice lady vet, rubbed my ears and said I was a good girl. She thought it would go away by itself but to come back if it didn’t.

Then she gave me a manicure! She trimmed all of my nails as short as she could and made them look much better. She even cut my hangnail quite short! Me and Mom winced when she did that one because we thought that it might hurt, but it didn’t.

Then we went home, I had a few of my treats, and lay down for a rest. I looked at my nice tidy nails and wondered if I dared ask mom for some nail varnish to match my collar…….


4 thoughts on “The Visit!

  1. OH YYYEEESSSSSS!!!! NAIL POLISH TO MATCH YOUR COLLAR. Come on mom … Let’s do her nails. They would be soooooo pretty & Bella would love them.


  2. Definitely YES! You need some bright polish. So happy to hear that you were right about this bump.

    Some girls look great in polish, like my sis. You would too. A beautiful purple hue to match that collar. Please Mom! xo


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