It’s Monday again!

Today is the beginning of week two of Mom’s holiday at home. It rained all weekend and the garden is soggy. Here’s hoping the weather improves. …

Today started well. Mom was up early, and she let me open the parcel which arrived for me last week. Finally! It’s from Ammys Delight so I know it has treats in it for me!!

She put the box on the floor and I stared at her, then at the box, then back at Mom. She sighed, shook her head and opened them for me.


I am not the sort of dog who rips open presents. Firstly, I am far too well mannered. Secondly, I wouldn’t know how to! I like my treats unwrapped and ready to eat!! Especially my cheese and bacon bones! Yummy! I had a couple and Mom put the rest away.


She went shopping then, Dad was out too, so she tied up the stairgate as usual. They do this, because I know how to open that gate. I soon worked that out. As I heard the car drive away, I chewed through the tie holding it shut, and went upstairs to investigate.

I finished off Miffys breakfast, and then I lay on Mom’s bed for a while. It was very, very comfortable. I never normally get to go on the big bed, because it’s the cats domain! Flippin unfair if you ask me!

I snoozed until I heard Mom’s car pull up outside.

I raced downstairs and grabbed Grommit in my mouth, so that by the time she came in through the door, I was waiting for her, looking as cute as could be.

Unfortunately, she noticed the open stairgate straight away, and gave me that “look”. Undeterred, I ran around with Grommit until she laughed and forgot about it.

I then decided to help her unpack the shopping, by toppling one of the bags off the table and onto the floor. She failed to see the funny side when her potatoes rolled away in all directions.


I went outside in the garden for a bit.

Shortly afterwards I heard Mom on the telephone making an appointment for me to go and see the Vet. I cringed inside.

It’s true I have a spot on the top of my head. But it’s just a spot, I’m sure of it. Okay, so it’s been there a week or two, and okay it is getting bigger, but hardly worth a trip to the vet, surely, I thought.

The appointment is this afternoon, I imagine the vet will want to prod and poke me about as usual. He will put me on the weighing scales and check my ears. Nothing too bad.

But I tell you this now, if he decides to stick that flippin thermometer up by bum again, I will not be happy!


8 thoughts on “It’s Monday again!

  1. Good luck with the vet, Bella! Surely a spot on your head is no cause to take your temperature.

    I open my own mail when it comes to the house! Mom has taken pictures of this, and there might even be a video around somewhere. It’s great fun! You should try it!



  2. Ok I can’t wait to hear what the vet has to say. And now I know what Ingrid was talking about. I love ur stories. I love that u ate the cats food then snoozed on the big bed. U a smart girl.


  3. You had me chuckling Bella. You always get me to laugh. Those flippin cats….hehe

    The potatoes rolling in all directions on the floor was hilarious, not so funny for mum tho.

    I will say a little prayer now for you for your vet appointment. My other dog had little bumps and spots also, they were nothing tho. Let me know.


  4. You sure know how to make us smile. I could picture every part of this great story! You have Mom wrapped around your paws. It’s great! I know the vet is gonna say everything is ok. Love you. xo


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