Sorry if this isn’t my normal cheery type of blog, but I had a sad moment when I heard a friend had passed OTR and thought about how it must feel if your dog was your world.

She sits beside the window looking out onto the street,
She wears a tired dressing gown and slippers on her feet.
The time goes by so slowly as she sits there looking out,
With nobody to talk to and no reason, now to shout.
Her houndy went to heaven, and his name was Tommy Tidge.
She cried so many tears when he went over Rainbow Bridge.
He tried to fight the illness with the strength that he had left,
But finally succumbed and she was left alone, bereft.
He’d been her life and purpose since her husband passed away,
His cuddles and his walks were what had got her through the day.
So now she sits there missing him, and wishing he was there.
She stares out through that window every morning, unaware,
That there are lots of houndies who would love to be her own,
So that poor grieving lady wouldn’t have to be alone.

If only she knew.

There are so many hounds and other dogs in rescue centres everywhere who need loving homes. There is no need to be lonely. Click the links below for more information of some of them in the UK.

The Dogs Trust
Retired Greyhound Trust
Birmingham Greyhound Protection


11 thoughts on “Sad.

  1. So sad to hear your friend is sooo lonely, my mum and dad went through the same thing a few months ago but since I arrived they haven’t had time to think about it, I love them soo much and they love me more x x Henley

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  2. I think this is brilliant. You should get this published in many publications or magazines that the elderly subscribe to. You should definitely get this out. People do not have to suffer & neither do dogs. Brilliant.


  3. Beautiful writing Bella. So much love and care in your words. Her heart will tell
    her when she’s ready for a new Houndy. We send prayers & love to your friend. xo


  4. Im so sorry for her loss. I know that feeling and my heart goes out to her. Since I have my Bella she had made my heart better. I dont feel as sad and empty and lost and lonely. She will never replace my boy Spanky and she is not here to replace. She is here because I had so much love to give and my heart feels less broken.

    RIP Tommy Tidge


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