Today is going to be one of those days when I just laze about in the garden and think. Thinking is not simple for a hound, it takes a lot of concentration.


For example, how can the sky here, be a clear blue with not a cloud in sight, and yet just an hour or so’s drive away, it is grey and cloudy? Aren’t we looking at the same sky???

I did wonder why a Wonky Chomp is called that when it isn’t the least bit wonky. It is straight. That is a big puzzle for my houndy brain.


My Next Wonky

I also stared at Mom for a while and wondered why humans don’t have much fur. Is it because it has been rubbed off by the clothes they wear? And why is it, that dad has furry legs but Mom doesn’t? Very strange indeed.

I wonder why it is that I have four claws on my back feet but five on my front? Admittedly one of those is not exactly on my paw, but it’s still a claw! It doesn’t make sense at all!


My houndy brain is full of unanswered questions today.

Like, How come I poop more than I eat?

Ouch. Why do balls keep falling from the sky whenever next doors children are playing in the garden? That one landed on my tail! I wouldn’t mind, only Mom keeps giving them away!

I don’t suppose I will ever find out the answers to my questions, but it’s giving my brain a work out. Life is one hell of a mystery.


5 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Bells ….. have a great weekend……behave yourself…..I am watching you! Loved the MAD running in the garden… I think you are part race horse…..don’t tell mom I said that she may be cross. xx


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