Fab Fursday

Today is day four of Mom’s holiday, and it has turned out to be the best day so far! Treats, a nice walk with friends and more treats!

Mom got up nice and early, and we spent some time in the garden, in that special kind of sunshine that you only get in the early morning. Mom drank her coffee while I checked for pigeons.


It was very peaceful, but I was excited because I knew that we were having a visitor today! One of myTwitter friends, Maggsie, was coming to visit me, and she always brings sausages!

I lazed about in the garden all morning enjoying the sunshine, but keeping one ear alert for Maggsie! I was getting impatient, and tapping my paws on the grass, but finally she arrived!

With a bag good of goodies!!


I had a good sniff! Mmmm sausages, Veal Sticks and a Pigs Ear!! Also something I haven’t tried before,


Apparently these are the ‘boys bits’ of bulls! Very unfortunate for the bulls of course, but I hope they won’t mind when I say that they tasted very nice!

After a coffee and a chat and a lot of ear rubs, Mom put on my lead and we walked up to the local pub. I hadn’t been here before, and I was a little worried when I saw a sign on the gate which said

“No Dogs Allowed”

I looked at Mom in concern, but she just smiled and patted my head. She went inside, and after a few minutes, she came back out looking happy. She led me through the gate into the garden, and I looked around.

It was just a garden.

No reason I could see why dogs shouldn’t be allowed! I ignored the dirty look I got from one man, and I held my head high as I walked past him. If Mom says it’s OK then it’s Ok isn’t it!


Mom and Maggs had a drink and had some dinner, while I lay under the table cuddling Mom’s feet. As you do. Mom said I was very well behaved, so as a reward, I got a few chips and some of her fish! Yummy!

Joey came too with his Mom. He is very small and he likes me a lot, so I lay quietly while he giggled and patted my head. He also had ice cream, which he kindly shared with me, I cleaned the bowl out for him! We all had a lovely time.

Later, when we got home, they chatted some more while I lay on the grass and chewed on a pigs ear.


All in all, I think it was the best day yet, and I can only wonder what tomorrow will bring!


6 thoughts on “Fab Fursday

  1. Awwwwwww, sounds like fun Bella. Did you enjoy all your delicious goodies? What a variety! You are sweet Bella! Luvs you! 💜💜💜💜


  2. Awww Bella this is luffly and we had such so great day too! I so glad you luffed your “goodies” and I’m sure the bulls won’t mind either BOL

    Fank you Lenny for your luffly comments too *blusghes bright red” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Smooches


  3. I love it when Mom has her vacation days from work, too! Fortunately, they come around pretty often. It looks like an incredible day and I hope the week keeps getting better for you!



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