Weekend Wednesday

It’s day three of Mom’s holiday and today has started off very wet, as we had heavy rain overnight.I do hope the sun comes out later!


Mom stayed late in bed today but Dad got up instead,
He made a pot of coffee while I waited to be fed.

When I had finished breakfast and I’d had my morning pee,
He sat and rubbed my ears, with my head upon his knee.

A little while later when we heard Mom getting up,
He poured a cup of coffee and he took her up a cup.

She smiled when she saw me and she gave my head a pat,
And said I was a good girl, much better than the cat.

(I may have made up that bit, cos its what I wished she’d say,
The flippin cat’s a nightmare, and I wish she’d go away)

We had a little cuddle as I tweeted with my friends,
I asked Mom what we’d do today and she said ‘it depends’

I looked at her and waited, I was hoping she would say,
We’d lay upon the sofa and just dream the day away.

But no, of course she didn’t, that will never come to pass,
She said that if it’s sunny she would like to cut the grass.

Well that’s okay with me I thought, I’ll watch her while I snooze,
A day spent in the garden is exactly what I’d choose!

So yes, it rained this morning but the day has turned out fine,
A lovely Weekend Wednesday, where my Mom is mine, all mine.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Wednesday

  1. You haf such a luffly wa wiv words Bella, guaranteed to always make me smile ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. Wow, that is beautiful, really real beautiful! Your words are perfect! It is lovely when I can picture in my head what is going on. I just love your blog!

    I can’t say it enough! (The flippin cat) LOL!


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