Terrific Tuesday

Today is day two of Moms holiday and despite the fact that it is raining, I think it is going to be a huge improvement on yesterday.

Firstly, Dad woke up nice and early. Mom did too, but had a cup of coffee in bed, which meant that when she did come down, she was ready for a cuddle with me.


We watched morning television together, cuddled up on the sofa, just me and Mom, and then we went for a short walk. Afterwards, we had a very tasty breakfast, and then she decided to take me to the pet shop!

What a treat!

I got in the car quite happily, although Mom still had to lift me in as usual, and we drove the short way there. As we pulled up right outside the door my ears pricked up! I like this place!

I looked at all the dog treats! Crikey what a choice! The Wonkys were very tempting but I wanted to check everything out. I sniffed the bones, antlers and chewy things but couldn’t make my mind up what I wanted.

In the end, Mom made the decision for me! She bought me a large DentaFlex chewy thing to clean my teeth and some Wonky Chomps. I couldn’t smell them through the wrapper, but they made an interesting rustle.


I also chose a new toy! Surprise surprise, it was squeeky! He is VERY loud and I love him, but I think Mom might regret buying him for me! I will have to keep a close eye on him in case he gets “lost”. That happens sometimes with my squeekiest ones, so I am going to be very careful with him.

When we got home, I took my new toy on a tour of the garden before testing him out! He’s not cuddly like most of my other toys, but I like him anyway. I was very pleased with myself, this was turning out to be a good day!


My New Toy

It got even better when the postman came! I had a really nice surprise when I discovered that there was a postcard addressed to me!

I love to get post!

It had a funny picture on the front and a message on the back from my twitter friend Llama. I have been missing her while she is on holiday, so it was a lovely reminder.

I had a little snooze then, on the sofa,
while Mom did some writing. It was very quiet and peaceful, just the way I
like it, me and Mom together.

When I woke up, she brushed me. Now I like being brushed, mine is a soft brush, so it is like being stroked all over. If I was a cat I would have purred! But I’m not, so I stood there and made the soft wuffley noise I make when I am happy.

Today has been lovely. I have had Mom to myself all day, I’ve had treats, a new toy, lots of cuddles, and Mom has promised that we will be having sausages for dinner!

What more could a houndy ask for?


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