Moany Monday

It was the first proper day of Mom’s two week holiday from work, which she was supposed to be spending with me. So far it was not going to to plan.


Firstly, they did not get up at the usual time. This only happens on Sundays, so my routine was messed up from the start. I did not like that!

I walked up and down the hall, rattling my claws on the wooden floor, at 6.30 as usual.
No sound from them at all.
Their noisy alarm did not go off either. I decided they must have forgotten to wake up.

So, at 6.45, I nudged the washing basket off the hall table, which made a satisfyingly loud


This had the desired effect.

Dad came rushing out to see what had happened and Bingo! They were awake. I’m still not sure why they didn’t say thank you to me.

After a nice morning of breakfast and cuddles, which was lovely, Mom decided she needed to do some housework!

How boring!

I snoozed while she ironed upstairs, and then while she cleaned the kitchen, and I twiddled my claws until she had finished with the washing. We were about to out in the garden when guess what happens? It starts to rain!

So Mom decided to go shopping instead. Again I am left alone for an hour or two. On my holiday! I mean, what’s her holiday for, if not relaxing with me?

To be fair, she did make me a nice lunch, well kind of. It was supposed to be her lunch, but I decided that she would want to share.

She’s not great at sharing unfortunately.

She has promised me that tomorrow will be different. We will spend the whole day playing and cuddling, and she will take me to the petshop for a treat. It had better be a good treat!


I fancy a nice new squeeky toy or maybe a bone. We shall see.


2 thoughts on “Moany Monday

  1. This is so good … And funny. Excellent dog perspective … I think. Thank you again. Surfer liked it too. He wanted me to tell you so.


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