I’m Forgiven

My toys are now in my bed, safe and sound. They have forgiven me for their traumatic day yesterday. I felt so sorry for them last night, that I sang them to sleep.

I’m very sorry sqweekies
For the dreadful day you had,
I know you think it’s my fault
But I blame it all on Dad.

I took you in the garden
That is true, I will admit,
But Dad’s the bringer inna
Who forgot to do his bit.

Mom put you in the washer
And I couldn’t bear to see
Your frightened little faces
As you stared back out at me.

We waited till it finished
Then she hung you out to dry,
Like you all had all been naughty.
I could hear you asking ‘Why?’

As soon as it was over
And you came down off the line,
I tried to make it up to you
‘Cos after all, you’re mine.

I cuddled you all evening
And I took you to my bed,
I licked your small, sad faces
Till you giggled in my head.

I hope that you forgive me
‘Cos I promise, cross my paws,
That I will never ever leave you
On your own outdoors


I think I am forgiven


11 thoughts on “I’m Forgiven

  1. That is so amazingly sweet! I l9ve how each little story I read comes alive in my head!

    Such a darling little poem Arooooo!

    I have to admit it……I’m addicted to your blog!


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