Feeling Guilty!

I am feeling like a really bad houndy today. I did a very naughty thing. I was asleep at the time it happened!

I feel very guilty because I took all of my toys out into the garden, one by one, as I usually do, so that I could play with them. Usually Dad brings all my toys back in so that I can take them out again. It’s a game we play!

But today, he didn’t seem to be playing.

Mom discovered them, all bedraggled and sad on the lawn after the rain came down. I tried to lick them clean but she said they would have to go in the washy machine.


They hate going in that machine. It is in my room, near my bed and it is savage!

I had to watch their poor little faces as she shoved them inside. They stared at me through the door as she turned it on. I couldn’t look, I felt so guilty.


I tried not to watch as they started going round and round, and it started filling up with water. I’m sure I could hear them shouting for me to rescue them!

I tried to sleep as the machine whirred and clicked but I just couldn’t. When it started spinning, I’m sure I heard them screaming!!

I put my paws over my ears and thought of sausages, but it didn’t work.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, it came to a stop. I peeked out between my paws and saw them.


I looked away as they stared at me accusingly. At least they had survived, I thought. Later, Mom will get them out and put them on the washing line. They will dry, and feel better, and like last time, they will forgive me.

It is a good job they love me!


12 thoughts on “Feeling Guilty!

  1. Oh sweetie, they’re gonna be ok. They’re not mad at you, just confused as to why they had to get wet again after already being soaked! They’ll be happy when they get back in the garden. xo

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  2. Oh Bella … Those photos in this story are amazing. They have the look of forgiveness in their eyes tho so don’t worry.


  3. Awwwww, that’s ok Bella. My Bella’s toys get dirty and she don’t have a yard. It is good that they get cleaned every now and then. When they come out of washy machine and dried don’t they smell so nice?

    I know how you feel. I always clean Bella’s toys when shes not looking but I always bring them back as fast as possible and smelling clean.


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