Can Houndies????

I was lying on my bed today, chewing on Duckys flipper, when my mind started wandering. Mom was at work and Dad was busy as usual so there were no distractions.

It’s quite hard work thinking. But after my very deep thoughts about Doggylektric, I wondered how else a houndy like me could be useful!

There’s the obvious answer, of being a guard dog. But I tried that a few weeks ago and I’m far too lazy to be any good at it. Also, I could never bite a human!


So then I thought, how about chief sausage taster for Walls? I would be great at that! The only problem is that I like all sausages, so it would be really difficult to decide which was best! I would love the opportunity though!

I could be a model? I think I’m pretty enough, I am very tall and slim and have long legs. That could work, except that I cannot do anything on command. Not a thing. I can’t even sit.

And they would have to change the name “catwalk”. I refuse point blank to work with cats.

I could test sofas. I like my comfort, and could check which sofas are the most comfortable so other houndy Moms would know which ones to buy!

( or avoid, I guess)

I wonder if farts could be useful in some way? I could blow up balloons? That would come with a real good surprise when they pop! Surprise Balloons! I like that idea.

But on reflection, I think the best way I can be useful is with the job I am doing now! I am Mom’s best friend, listener and companion.

I am a stress reducing, cuddle machine.

I like my job very much, and it doesn’t take much effort! It’s perfect!


6 thoughts on “Can Houndies????

  1. You are a funny houndy! You just have a way for words! I really like your surprise balloons idea! Boy would that ever be a big surprise!!
    Hugs to you, you stress relieving cuddle machine!!!


  2. Perfect ending to a thought provoking story Bella. You are indeed a stress reducing cuddle machine. At least, that is what I imagine you to be.


  3. It sounds like a good job for you! I do that, too, as well as model and work as a therapy dog. I have a Greyhound friend who works as a real live service dog, but I’ll be honest, that’s more work than I want to do!



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