Lazy Sunday

Its a lazy Sunday morning, the best day of the week! I was up and ready to start my day while my humans were still lazing in their bed.

As usual, I had to wake them up by standing at the bottom of the stairs and whining, quietly at first, but slowly getting louder until I heard one of them say “no, you go”.

It’s a bit of a game I play, guessing who will be first up on a Sunday! In the week it’s always Dad. Its nearly always Dad, but this morning it was Mom. She came down, ruffled my ears and said “hello gorgeous” , as she always does.

I picked up my duck and ran to the back door and after Mom opened it, I ran outside to inspect my territory.

Duck came with me, I always take back up, just in case, but he wasn’t needed this morning. No squirrels or zombies in my garden, luckily. I did have to shoo Pesty Pete away, he was nibbling on something, not sure what.

I did the necessaries and then went back indoors to watch Mom make the coffee. As soon as it was ready we both went outside to sit in the garden for a while in the sunshine.

It’s peaceful at this time of day, next door’s dog isn’t about, no children playing or noisy machines disturbing the peace.

Just birds singing, the wind making rustling noises in the trees, the sound of Mom’s coffee cup being placed on the glass garden table now and then, and the sound of me chewing on my bone.



Oh I do love a lazy Sunday morning in the summer.


These days we are woken up by Charlie at 6.15am instead, even on a Sunday. He whines, yaps and paces about till we are all awake! He does not appreciate, like me, that Sundays are special! !


3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Sounds like a perfect Sunday gorgeous! I call my Bella that also, as well as Belle, Baby Girl, and Boo!
    Wonderful reading, heartwarming little stories!


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