Happy Dance!

Every day, when Mom comes home from work, I do my very special Happy Dance for her!

I don’t do it for anybody else because my Mom is special. Not even Dad gets greeted with my special dance. It’s just for Mom.

What happens is this :

Mom’s car pulls up on the drive, I hear it and run to the front door. Dad hears it too and makes me go and wait in the garden!


He says that this is so that Mom can get herself and her bag in the house without being knocked off her feet!

As if I would!

Then Dad gives Mom a mug of freshly brewed coffee. (which she always gulps down, then asks for a refill.)

Then is my moment! I am waiting by the door with my Grommit ears on, as always, bum waggling in anticipation!!

She opens the door and gives me a cuddle! She rubs my ears as I squirm around her, rubbing myself all round her legs, then I’m off!

I grab a squeeky toy and gallop around the garden, squeeking and wagging my tail until Mom laughs. Then I lay down my front half with my bum in the air. That’s when she chases me round the garden trying to get my toy!

Sometimes I drop it for her and she throws it! I chase it, grab it, throw it in the air and start all over again until I am exhausted.


That is my Happy Dance and I do it for her every work day!

Do other dogs do this? Do we all have our own individually special dance?

What’s yours?


6 thoughts on “Happy Dance!

  1. I love this story. Mine is way more unruly. She opens the door & I’m right there in the kitchen waiting. Then I jump up while talking loud like I do. Then I do two or three spins in the kitchen whilst aarrrooooooing loudly. Then we run to the sun room & she opens the door & out we fly to zoom in the back yard. Then we come in & we r perfectly behaved & sit for our hello treats. Surf doesn’t do any of this. He’s always perfect.


  2. Yup! We do the boxer wiggle! Grampy calls me UTurn & Penny is a cashew! We practically fold in half & jump around like that! We do it mostly for Mom & Grammy but Dad & Grampy get a bit too!
    I can picture you doing your dance, so graceful. xo


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