Why Choose a Houndy?

How do people choose a dog? How do they decide what breed is going to fit in with their family and make it complete?


Are people like the pets they choose? Does someone pick a dog which has the same characteristics as them? Or because they just like the way they look?

Or do some people go gooey over puppy eyes and choose one on impulse? I don’t think that is a good idea. All puppies are cute. But they are all quite different when they grow up.

My mom has had three very different dogs over the years, a Collie, a Jack Russell Terrier and me. The Collie and me were both adults when she got us but the Jack Russell was a puppy.

She says they all suited her at that particular time in her life. Bluey the Collie needed loads of exercise and was very intelligent. She was young when she had him, and had plenty of time and energy to give him what he needed.

He was very obedient, but full of beans. (Not sausages?) He wouldn’t fit her life now because she does not have the energy anymore! So she says.

She had Candy the Jack Russell when her children were young. She was good company for Mom, and the children would walk her because she was small and not strong enough to pull them over.

She was also less tolerant, so taught them the need to respect a dogs moods. Candy went everywhere with them in the car, when they went to clubs and brownies and enjoyed being in a crowd. She fitted in well.

She adopted me when she was older. I don’t need loads of exercise, I am happy with just a short walk, and love to just be wherever Mom is! She likes to cuddle, as I do, and am happy to just lie around most of the time. I am not a very demanding houndy.

She admits that the first month or two were difficult, as I had to learn so much, but says I was worth the effort.

Like most rescue dogs, I am very grateful to be loved and cared for. I might be quite big but I am a gentle soul. I am patient with little humans and friendly with big ones. I like nothing better than a bit of fuss, a tummy tickle or an ear rub.

I know that not all greyhounds are like me, but most are I think. So if you have a comfy sofa and don’t mind sharing it, and if you want a gentle companion who is a good listener, then why not choose a greyhound?


There are plenty of us to go around 🙂


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