I Dream of Food..

Is it a greyhound thing?


Mom feeds me right
With food each night
I always eat my dinner,
But I want more because I’m sure
That I am getting thinner.

I eat a lot, and I know its not
That I am poor or needy.
But I’ll always eat another treat
So Mom just says I’m greedy

I dreamed last night
Of @AmmysDelight
My cheese and bacon treat.
I’d wet the bed around my head
‘Cos I dribble when I eat.

I sometimes dream
of cake with cream
And sausages or beef
There’s not enough
of the yummy stuff
To satisfy my teef.

My tummy never rumbles
So I know I can’t complain
But please Mom if I beg enough
Can you please feed me again?


P.S. Mom says I’m the perfect weight and No, I get enough treats. Pfft


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