Winnie’s Story

My name is Winston, a whippet, amd I live in America.

Eight and a half years ago my mum had three dogs … A Basenji and two adopted greyhounds. Willis the Basenji died from a rare auto-immune disease, Blaise passed away soon after from esophageal paralysis*.


Willis, Blaise and Reilly

Mum was left with Reilly the big black grey. She loved them all very much but loved having several pups so she decided to get Reilly a new friend, and she found me!



I lived in Hudson NY at the time with my breeder, which is a little over 100 miles away from where mum lived.

She made the deal and drove out to pick me up one Saturday morning in November, just before our thanksgiving. I was a scared, terrified little thing who needed a lot of training to be made more sociable and less fearful.


Reilly and Me

But I moved right in and fell in love with Reilly and my new Mom, we quickly became a very happy little family.

Within a short space of time though, Mum decided she would really love to have three of us, because we were so easy to look after and wonderful to be with. So she looked Into whippet adoption.

There weren’t any dogs to be had. She called my breeder and was told that there were not very often any whippets that needed rescuing! However, coincidentally, she knew of one that was going to be available in the near future.

It seemed that one of her dogs whom she’d sold to a woman in Maine a couple of years before, was going to need a new home. The owner was ill and was going to need to let her dogs go. 

So mum said “I’ll take her if that happens”.

We waited a couple of weeks, and wouldn’t you know it, that dog became available. It turned out that she was the sister of my real mum, so she was actually my aunt! 

Three months after she got me, we adopted this little girl dog from Maine. At the time she was a mess.  She had been neglected for a while. Her nails were very long. All she owned that was her own, was a filthy old collar, a horrible old fleece and a dirty water bowl.



We picked her up in a town midway between Maine and our house. She sat in the back of the SUV all the way home looking sad and confused. Mum and I felt so bad for her but we knew her life was going to change dramatically for the better.

And it did!

Abbys Story coming soon……..


4 thoughts on “Winnie’s Story

  1. Oh Bella … What a sweet entry for your blog. Thank u for posting these great pictures of my beloved dogs. I loved them all so very much. And now I love Winston & surfer just as much. I can’t wait to read on and see what happens next. Love you Bella. You are an awesome friend to Winnie & me.


  2. I’m loving this story. I can’t wait to read about Aunt Abby. She was a real beauty. Thanks for sharing this with us Winnie & Bella. xo


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