Home with Mom

Dad is going away for a couple of days on Sunday.


Me being thoughtful

I have been giving this a lot of thought the last day or two.

At first I was a bit worried that I would miss him rather a lot, as it is usually Dad who is first up in the morning and it is him that gives me my breakfast. And it’s Dad that does most of the cooking too. I like to watch him cook, he sometimes accidently “drops” a bit.

But then I suddenly realised that it means I will get Mom all to myself! I won’t have to share her. We can curl up together on the sofa without Dad’s feet getting in my way, and I like to stretch out.

Also, as she won’t have Dad to talk to, it means she will talk to me more, which I always enjoy. I don’t always know what she is saying exactly, but it’s nice to have her full attention.


It will be strange without him here though. I will miss his smile in the morning and the way he ruffles my ears.


Like most dogs I think, I like routine. I like things to happen as they always do, it makes me feel secure. I hope Mom gets up early like Dad does, or I will have to wake her up!

Sometimes changes are nice ones, like when Mom doesn’t go to work, and I have her home all day, but this is a big change. Half of my family will be missing!

I think I am going to miss him, I will practice a super special happy dance for when he comes home


6 thoughts on “Home with Mom

  1. Awwww your such a sweetie. I love your pensive photos. I think you’ll miss your dad but be very happy when he gets home. AND … You will love having mum to yourself.


  2. Dad is gonna miss you too. Slip a small pic of you inside his luggage when he’s not looking! I do that to Mom if she’s going somewhere! He’ll love it. You & Mom are gonna have great girl time & the time will pass quickly. Next thing you know, he’s gonna walk thru that door.

    Great pics, as always!
    Love you. xo


  3. The best part about having your humans gone for a few days is when they come back home. They’ve missed you so much, they give you all kinds of attention!
    I am particularly fond of sleeping on Dad’s pillow when he’s gone and having the bed with Mom all to myself.


  4. I absolutely look forward to reading your blog. You have such a way with words. Each one I read touches my heart. Love all the pictures also! You are a beauty Bella!


  5. Think the idea of putting your piccie in dad’s bags is a great idea!

    I love reading your blog and hearing your thoughts. You are such a luffly, bootiful soul Bella which is why I love you very much

    Love you & mum dearly ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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