Bunny’s Story

My name is Bunny and I am a very lucky greyhound.

My breeder had a program worked out where people could adopt a puppy from a litter, watch them grow up and see pictures as we got older and then when we retired from racing, we would go to the people who had preadopted us.


I have one sister from my litter who was the same rare color as me, blue fawn, and a lady applied to adopt her. My sister and I were very close, so the lady decided she wanted both of us so we could live together.


Well, my trainer at the track didn’t know I had an arrangement set up.He decided that I was too little to race and sent me to the adoption kennel instead. I met my mom there and she adopted me within the week I arrived.

She had just lost her heart dog*, Treat, and I came in and leaned against her in just the right way. I had to wait two weeks to go home with her, though, because I had to have my spay surgery done.Well, the woman who preadopted me had found out by then, and she contacted the adoption kennel.


Bunny and Gizmo

Mom sent her an email about Treat and about how she hoped that I’d be able to follow in her footsteps and be a therapy dog, and Greyhound ambassador, and the woman said she felt like I was meant to be with Mom. She said that she was very glad to know I was going to a really wonderful home.


A year or so later, Mom was on Greytalk and saw that my sister, who was adopted by that woman, had been taken in by a Greyhound adoption group out East. The woman who adopted her was a hoarder, and local groups who knew this, wouldn’t adopt hounds to her.

All her Greyhounds had to be cleaned up and get vet care, then they found them new homes. I had had a lucky escape!

I have another sister who went to a family who had lost one Greyhound, then adopted another, who died during surgery and finally chose my sister. She was a heart healer just like me! I got to meet her last year at our reunion and she was really sweet.


Mom said she wasn’t as cute as me, though! 😉 That’s why moms are the best! They say the nicest things!


P.S. A Heart dog is a dog that you have a special bond with, and a deeper understanding with, than other dogs. Bunny’s Moms post explains this very well 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bunny’s Story

  1. I’m so glad you wanted to share my story! I’m also hoping that some of my brothers come to the reunion this year. I think I might be busier since retirement than I was before, though! BOL!


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