Guard Dog

There are strange things afoot. The nice next door neighbours, the ones without dogs, put their big bins out a day early!

This made me very curious because the bin thieves only come on Tuesdays! I wonder what will happen if their stuff isn’t stolen? It’s kinda breaking with tradition because the “bin display” has been on the same day every week for as long as I can remember! !

I checked up the street when I went for my walk and there were no others out. Maybe my neighbours made a mistake? They are quite old afterall.

Something else curious happened. A big car pulled up outside and they put lots of stuff in the boot. Then they got in too and were driven off. That’s odd because they have two cars of their own!

Mom said they had gone away for a few days. I wonder where though? Where do people go and why? Whats wrong with staying home? Who’s going to look after their cats? Who will guard the house? It worries me.

I know! I will keep an eye on the place for them. Make sure the bin thieves don’t take anything else. (It’s bad enough that they steal from the bins) I shall be a guard dog for a few days. Yes, that’s it. A big brave guard dog!


I don’t bark.
I could never bite a human.
I’m not allowed next door on my own.
I sleep a lot.


Actually, maybe the cats are in charge? Maybe they are guarding the house? They might be upset if I try to interfere. I wouldn’t want to step on anybodys toes. Maybe I should leave them to guard it.


Think I should sleep on it.


4 thoughts on “Guard Dog

  1. Oohhhh Bella, that’s a great idea! You could always send the pesky cat round to keep them company, then you could grt on the big bed! BOL


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