For The Voiceless

Everydog who has ever lived, has a story to tell, and has the right to tell it, even if, as is often the case, there is no one who cares to listen.

Not everydogs story is unusual, but sometimes even the most ordinary, can be extraordinary. Many are heart warming tales of overcoming adversity, of finding a loving family after a less than happy start in life.

These are the stories we like to hear, the ones that inspire hope, they show that there are people out there who care about us, and want us. These are the success stories and I like to make room for them here on my blog. A happy ending is good for the soul, I believe.

Those dogs who have the most harrowing and dreadful tales to tell, often have the least opportunity to do so. These ones we do not always get to hear, despite the ever expanding web of social media. Their stories tell of cruelty and neglect, of sadness and of heartbreak. If we do get to hear them, we cannot bear to listen, for the horror they cause us.wpid-20140715_181140-1.jpg

I for one, am of a sensitive nature, and find these difficult to listen to, and worse still to see, although I know they have a right to be told and a need to be heard. The pictures they make appear in my mind are soul destroying.

I am thankful that there are good people out there who are willing and able to listen, as these are the people who can, and do take action. Who can at least try to change the way the stories end for some. I live in hope that this is so, and that those people continue to fight, to end the horror, and to allow the stories to be told.


I am just a houndy. What can I do? My story had a happy ending, and for that I am grateful.



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