Peacheys Story

Hello. My name is Peachey. I was born in November 2007 in Ireland. I had two brothers and two sisters but I don’t know where they are now.

My racing name was Minglers Peach. I only ran five races, including my trial. I suppose my owners were disappointed that i didn’t do better, as my Great Grandad was Head Honcho. I didn’t do any more races.

We don’t know what happened to me after my last race in 2009 but I ended up in Oxford. When the track there closed, I was one of many hounds sent to Wolverhampton RGT. I arrived just before Christmas 2012 and was kennelled with Skippy, who had come with me from Oxford. He became my best buddy, my protector and my playmate.


I was very nervous and didn’t like anybody coming near me. I wouldn’t come out of my kennel, and when I did, the kennel staff and volunteers had a job to catch me in the paddock when it was time to go back in. It often took two of them!

The man who is now my Dad, volunteered at the kennels twice a week. He saw how nervous I was and set out to win my confidence. He used to squat down so he was level with my bed and talk softly to me. Although it took many weeks, I came to trust him and would go with him to the paddock. Eventually he had problems catching me because Skippy and I used to play running round, because we were happy together and weren’t afraid of him.


Dad had had whippets live with him for 40 years, but not for the last two years. He missed having dogs about the house so in April 2013, he decided to adopt me, as we got on well. He wanted me to have a good home where I would be understood. As I was still very nervous, he decided to adopt Skippy too, so I would have my friend with me and hopefully settle down more easily.

When the day came for us to leave the kennels, we jumped in the car and did the short ride to our new home. We both had a sniff round and went to explore the garden and do wees.


Dad had got us comfortable beds and some soft squeaky toys. I soon found a bed in a corner where I felt safe. If visitors come whom I don’t know, I still go back in that corner. It is mine and I am safe there.


Dad doesn’t know why I am so nervous but he thinks I was ill-treated. He took me to an awareness event at Chasewater one day. I saw a big man with lots of hair and a big hat coming. I was terrified and ran to the back of the RGT trailer and hid so he wouldn’t see me.

Dad has taken Skippy and me for lots of nice walks down country lanes and tracks where there are lots of interesting smells. We went to Cannock Chase too and met up with lots of other greyhounds who are on Twitter. We normally meet every month for sniffs and a walk.


Afterwards, we get lots of treats like sausages, cheese cake and liver cake. Once we had bones but I have never had one so didn’t know what to do with it!



We enjoyed life and slept and played together but then in November 2013 Skippy got ill. It turned out he had a nasty cancer and he had to be put to sleep on 12th December. Dad and I both still miss him very much. He was a lovely boy but at least he had some happy months in his new home.

Dad was worried that I wasn’t too confident on my own so he arranged for Digger, who was eight and a half, to come for a trial. We got on OK so Dad adopted him on December 20th, just in time for Christmas so now we are Peachey and Digger.

Although we were sad to have lost Skippy, another hound who had been waiting for a home for over 2 years got a nice home. Digger is related to me too as his Grandad is Head Honcho!

I am happy now in my home with Dad. I like to lie by his side when he is working on his computer as I feel safe. He gives me lots of fuss and now I enjoy being cuddled, not like before when I hated anyone coming near me. I even go to sniff people whom I have seen before and know.

Sometimes they give me treats, which makes me like them even more!


2 thoughts on “Peacheys Story

  1. This one making us cry Bella. But finally peachy found happiness. I’m happy for her. Thank you for her story.


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