It is a well known fact, I think, that petting a dog is good for humans.

I know for a fact that this is true, I have seen it with my own big brown eyes. I’ve felt it too, with the slowing down of her heartbeat.

Mom has been through a few unsettling times since I have known her, we’ve moved house, we’ve swapped dads and she’s had quite a few “bad days at work”

When these things happen, I can sense it. I make it my mission to get more cuddles than usual, I can feel the change in her each time. It doesn’t alter what has happened of course, or make bad things go away, but it does take away some of the stress she is feeling, I can feel the tension in her lessening.

In fact I don’t know how she would manage without me being there for her! When the bad things happened, we often just sat on the floor together and cuddled while her eyes leaked. She said I was a comfort to her.

Of course it works the other way round too. When I am frightened or hurt, I get comfort from having Mom close. Her cuddles help make pain bearable, like when my paw was poorly. Pawhugs make all things bearable I think.

I guess it is the “Love” that people speak of. We all need to be loved.


4 thoughts on “Pawhugs

  1. Awwww Bella, this is beautiful. I love how your mind works and the words just seem to flow naturally. So much love in your heart.


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