Figgy’s Story



Figgy and Rose

My life with Mum and Dad started seven years ago on New Year’s Day. Having lost an adored two year old black greyhound called Archie to epilepsy, they were distraught.

Greyhound Gap rang them to say there was a lurcher puppy that was being passed around but they had located him in Bicester, would they be interested?  They set off on a journey to see him with their other greyhound, Fred, in the car.

 (Mum cried all the way over Archie still).  

They waited in the office whilst the kennel lady went and fetched me.  At seventeen weeks I already had that cheeky attitude that has stayed with me.  I picked out Mum straight away and ran up to her.  She picked me up and cried some more.


I had been in a home with a Japanese Akita that didn’t like me, so they very carefully introduced me to Fred to see if we got on. I loved him straight away.

Since that day I have tried never to leave Mum’s side. I protect her from everything, including monsters, but especially other dogs. Some say I have been difficult and over exuberant but me and Mum think I am just perfect.


Rose came to us by accident really.

When Fred went OTRB Dad said ‘no more dogs’ but Mum argued that they had time and energy and soooo many dogs needed homes.  They looked on the BGPUk web site and saw Marty, who was described as quiet and shy and being fostered near to us.

Meet and greet, and home visit were arranged for the following Saturday.

We were all excited. Marty was due to have a minor operation on the Wednesday before but it was not a problem.  Mum rang on Wednesday evening to see how he got on, only to be told by a very upset foster Mum, that he had died on the operating table.  We never got to meet him, but of course there were more tears.

 His foster mother then messaged us, to say that they were looking for a foster home for an ex-racer girl who had been rehomed already, but it hadn’t worked out. Still reeling from the Marty incident we took her in a flash to foster over Christmas. (yea!)  


She was so beautiful and gentle that we loved her straight away but she was withdrawn and quiet (but not shy enough to not pinch my bed)!  She had a few ‘accidents’ on the carpet but we dealt with that and got her into a routine.  We loved her and stroked her a lot and she gave in and became our very own a month later.



She had sixty races in her life, winning thirteen, but we don’t know how, as she hardly runs now. In fact she is a ‘lazy little madam’ Mum says.

 It’s a dog’s life!

P.S. from Bella. 
Rose is my ‘real’ half sister! She and I have the same Dad! We look a little alike, I think, and we don’t live all that far apart, so I am hoping to meet her some day soon. I am so happy that she has found such a lovely home too.


5 thoughts on “Figgy’s Story

  1. Wow, another happy ending. This is a great story. I’ve just met Figgy recently and we have become friends. It’s great to learn about our pals. I hope you get to meet up with Rose someday soon.

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  2. It sounds like you were both very much destined to be where you are! There’s a long, crazy story about how I came to be with my mom and things worked out just the way they were supposed to. I think some people and pups are just meant to be together!

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