Harolds Story.

I will start at the beginning.

My name is Harold-Sinatra, and I am almost 9 yrs old. I think my birthday is in October, so I celebrate it on the 11th, the same day as my husis Faith.


I came to live with Mum and Dad on the 13th of January 2006 when I was about 13 weeks old, just a baby in fact. My Mum and Dad fell in love with me at first sight, and I with them!

I didn’t have the best start in life.

Me and my siblings were put into a box wrapped in Christmas paper and dumped on a main road at Christmas time in 2005.

Some of my brothers and sisters got out of the box and ran away. Some were dead, and some were dying on the road when we were found.

I was still in the box.

I was very frightened and cried a lot for my brothers and sisters. Where was my mummy, I wondered, and what had happened to her? Why were we taken from her and thrown away like a box of rubbish! We were too little to have been naughty or nasty!

Luckily, I was found and taken to an R.S.P.C.A. centre. I stayed there over Christmas and the New Year and a lady working there looked after me.

My Mum and Dad love all animals but it had been five years since old Henry had gone over the bridge. Because they had been so upset by his passing, they had decided that they would not have any more dogs. But my mum said every day that she really wanted another dog.

One day, mum was in work and suddenly felt the need to call the RSPCA. They told her they had a lurcher puppy there with pale blue eyes.(hence Sinatra). Mum and Dad decided to visit me, and when they did it was like fate had brought us together! We fell in love!

They had to have home checks done, of course and they passed all of those.

The decision was made!

When the day came for me to be collected, Dad had to work, as Mom and Dad had a business to run, so my other husis Naomi came with Mum instead.

I felt so lucky! I had a proper home!

Mum and Dad love me very, very much and I love them. I live with a black cat who, like me, was a foundling! We love each other too, which I’m told is unusual for my breed, to get on with a cat. Maybe its the way mum brings us up?

As you all probably know, I love to go out in my Dads Morgan, and I’m sure a lot of you have seen my photo, with my hat on! I am very happy now, we all are. My Dad takes me for lots of walks, and my favourite place is the sand dunes! I do zoomies up and down them, for hours sometimes!


Mom got upset writing this, she does that when she thinks back to what happened to me. Thanks to Bella’s Mom for helping her to write my story.

That is the end.


8 thoughts on “Harolds Story.

  1. How sad that you lost your brothers and sisfurs in such a terrible way. I cried when I read your story. I’m so glad you found a very happy loving home with your mum and dad and I do love your hats when you’re in your dad’s Morgan xxxxxx

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