The Pet Shop.

I went to the pet shop today because we needed to stock up on dog food, but also I wanted a new squeeky toy!

I had some birthday pennies to spend so Mom said I could go with her to choose one. We had a good mooch around the shop.


These looked quite good fun, they even matched my collar. I looked at the clothes too but I think they were all a bit small for me.


I spotted the treats straight away but I wasn’t allowed any today as Mom said I still had lots left from my birthday!! Sadly the Wonky Chomps were on the top shelf!


I tried to help myself to a rather tasty looking bone but I couldn’t quite fit. Probably for the best as it happens, because I was getting “that look” from Mom. (And a member of staff was watching me closely too)


We went and had a chat to the resident vet, he checked my microchip, but I think that was just an excuse to have a cuddle with me. He was very friendly and his name was Richard.


Then as we went round the corner I spotted the duck. I wanted him, I decided straight away! He quacked like my old one did and was cuddly! I just had to have him!


So we went and paid for him, a strange yellow thing Mom picked up, and also a trolley full of food! Enough to last me for ages! I checked out the goodies while Mom paid.


That was a lovely trip out, I really enjoyed it. And I would like to say a special thank you to Harold for the birthday pennies 🙂 xx


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