Mom’s Point of View

There are many people out there who are unaware of the enormous community of ‘animals’ who use Social Media like Twitter and Facebook. There are also many more who do know, but think that it is silly.

In truth, there are thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters, even budgies. I know hedgehogs, a tiger, a squirrel and a whole collection of teddy bears.

This is a worldwide phenomenon, Bella has friends all over the world, in America, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, in India, South Africa and all over Europe. And it is growing every day.

There is a very good reason for this. Animals and their people, are, on the whole, friendly, understanding and caring. There are no prejudices in their world, there is no sexism, racism or religious hatred. They talk to each other with respect, and all are welcome.

Unlike humans.

If someone has a trauma, the animals rally round and give support, never more so than when one goes OTR. This week showed that, with the sad passing of Abby, a whippet from America, the sister of a very close friend of Bella’s, and mine.

There was a tribute flight by the #Aviators, a group of animals who escort them to the Rainbow Bridge to say a last farewell. It was very moving, and so many from all over the world joined in to say goodbye.


Anyone who loves their dogs knows that losing one of your own is a very sad experience, and a lot of humans who don’t have pets, just don’t understand how upsetting it can be.

So to have a whole community who does understand and empathise is a great support. I’m sure Winnie, Surfer and Jo-An would agree.

I have made some very good friends from Bella’s Twitter account, animal lovers like myself, and I would ask that anyone who thinks that it is silly, to think again.

Where else can you talk to like minded people all over the world and make friends with so many without any nastiness or being bombarded with adverts? Silly or not, Bella stays.


8 thoughts on “Mom’s Point of View

  1. Beautiful. And Winnie is staying too … With Me & Surfer. What happened for us this week after Abby went OTRB
    was truly amazing. It will never be forgotten. Thanks Sam
    for writing about it & including our experience in your story.

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  2. I, for one, know exactly what Sam and Bella mean. I too have a Twitter account not just for me, but also my two lovely dogs, Oscar & Jessie.

    I have made a great many friends, and some who I now regard as family, and this is from someone who never had many friends who I could trust or, indeed call friends. We laugh, cry and comfort each other and are there to support everyone who needs it, whether they be close family friends or good friends in their time of need.

    So, as Sam and Bella say, having a Twitter account for your pet, teddy or anything else is a great way to meet and make friends and is in no way silly.

    Love you all – Aunty Maggs, Oscar & Jessie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    • Well done Maggsie!!! This is truly a wonderful thing. We are never leaving. It’s too warm & loving to give up. And the proof of it all will happen in September. Who knew that would come about from Winnie being on twitter.

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  3. Dear Bella Everything you said in you blog is spot on. It is a trauma when you loose loved pets I know. I try to do my bit by flying tributes on behalf of all my friends and even for those I don’t know. I find it is a very beautiful and moving thing to do. So much so I am quite drained when it’s done, but I am honoured every time I am asked. Thank you Bella

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  4. Very well said. Mom came close to leaving twitter after we lost my big Sis Jessie 2 years ago but the support & love from all of her pals made her stay & I got an account to stay in touch. It is truly amazing. Love you. xo

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