Bella’s Treats

I have been an exceptionally good houndy this week. I’m pretty sure I must have been, because I’ve had an awful lot of extra special treats.


I had lots of cards and presentsfor my birthday, including some yummy biscuits my friends ordered from Ammys Delight,, a lovely sqweeky snake, and a birthday cake which Mom made for me. I had other treats too.


For example, I was allowed to go upstairs yesterday while the cat was out!

Well, I wasn’t technically ‘allowed’ as such, but I did go upstairs. And I cleaned the cats bowl out for her. It was spotless when I had finished and I could tell Mom was pleased, even though she pretended not to be.


I was also allowed to bark at next doors dog for ages. I didn’t get told off at all and I had a lot of fun. Admittedly Mom was in the shower at the time, but she could have got out. Me and the yappy one had a great time.


I had extra snoozes on the sofa while Mom was at work today (someone forgot to shut the door) and this made the time pass really quickly until she came home.


Tomorrow I am having a treat too. Mom is taking me to the big pet shop to buy a new toy and I am going to choose my own! I have never been to the big shop before so I am very excited!

I will tell you all about it when I get back. X


3 thoughts on “Bella’s Treats

  1. Wow Bella, you’ve had a really eggsciting week!! Can’t wait to see what toy you pick, bets it will be something squeeky and lovely!! Have fun in the doggie shop *whispers* and fing forget to ask for some biscuits too πŸ˜„ 😘😘😘😘


  2. Whoa! That’s a great week! You’re lucky to have such great pals. We are lucky to know such a Pawsome dog! Love you. xo


  3. Yea what a week especially all the treats from your wonderful friends (especially me) that wasn’t nice but I am your special pal right? Hahaha. I also liked how u got to chat it up with your friend next door. Very neighborly of you. You are an awesome friend Bella. I love you.


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