Are You a Cat or a Dog Person?

My Mom likes all animals. Except spiders. The cat has to sort those out for her.


Are you a cat or a dog person?

Me – I’m both, and I have a theory. You see, I’m not convinced there’s actually such a thing a thing as a “cat person” or a “dog person” even though I hear people bandy these phrases around regularly enough.

Take my husband. He thought he wasn’t a “cat person” until he met me and fast realised that I came as a package with my ragdoll cat, Chicken. (Yes – ‘Chicken’ . . . so what?) Since living together and being married we have ended up fostering and adopting several different cats and dogs, and dispite his insistance on not being a cat person, he is regularly found tickling our big black cat Fluffbomb’s ears, and reffering to him as “my boy”, or playing with Chicken in the back garden.

Not a cat person my arse!

Likewise with some of my moggie loving friends…

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