My Pawty!

Well! I had my Twitter Pawty last night and what can I say? It was FABULOUS!

I had been so worried that no one would turn up, despite Ama helping me enormously with the invites, and that all my preparations would go to waste. But I needn’t have worried. My friends came, all with beautiful hats and birthday wishes and I had a ball!

A #BellasBall in fact!!


I wish I had space to put everyone’s pictures here on my blog, but there were just so many, for which I am grateful!! No one ate Georgie, for which I am also grateful.


We had lots to eat and drink, some who shall be nameless, had more than they maybe should have, but a great time was had by all. No bone was left unmunched.


The tables were pretty, the food was great, if I say so myself, and the atmosphere was pawsome. I danced with Cloud, until he had to leave, shared a bottle of wine with Shayna, and put the world to rights with Mollie.


I didn’t show myself up, for a change, I left that to Missy with her tequila. And Shay, who I do believe fell asleep under the table with her head in the trifle!

Someone had to do it!!

I owe a special thank you to Sammy, our main Hatter. (Mad as) who fitted out most of the guests with hats. She’s a star!! Pawsome in fact.



I also have to say thank you to Maggs, for keeping Rosie off the alcohol, and picking Missy up off the floor, and for the lovely Bella who offered to help me clear up.

On a final note, for the canine who stole the stars off my birthday cake, let me say this. If you return them clean and unchewed, no more will be said on the matter.

Thank you. Xxx


9 thoughts on “My Pawty!

  1. OMD, I love this. Everyone had such a great time. Thank you for the great party. So much love for you, it was amazing. Quite beautiful. No thanks necessary, I’m always happy to help.
    Love you. xoxo


  2. It was a pawsum night Bella and everyone had a great time! Yes, even Missy. It was actually Mollie who fell asleep wiv her head in the trifle after Ama had licked all the whipped cream off it first. Winnie had to wipe her beautiful face before taking her home, Winnie the Wiper-Upper!

    I loves you all dearly and thanks for inviting me!



  3. BELLA … What a great story & of course what a party. It was a wonderful time for everyone. Thank you for inviting Surfer. He had a wonderful time too. As you mentioned … Sammy … You are a star dressing us all up for our parties. These hats were great. And yes … Lastly once again I was the wiper_upper . I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. And of course … You were Bella the Beautiful.


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