Live for Today?

Today I was staring at the door, the one Mom always walks through when she comes home from work, and I was thinking about something that I had heard yesterday.

It was the expression “Live for today”.

For a dog, life is very simple, it is possible to live for today, with no need to think of what happened yesterday, and no cares about what tomorrow will bring, but to take each moment as it comes.

For me, and for any dog who is well fed, cared for and loved, it is a wonderful philosophy. It frees us from worries, so that we can enjoy each small pleasure for what it is! We need have no concern about the consequences of our actions, or of being hungry, or of losing what we have.

This means we can be happy.

But how must it be for a dog who is neglected, hungry or abused? To live for today, when today is a nightmare. To not need to remember what happened yesterday, and to not have any knowledge that tomorrow could bring something better. To have to just accept that today is what life is always going to be like. Is it possible for a human to comprehend how those dogs must think?

Do these dogs still wag their tails? Do they still lick the hands of the humans who do this to them? Do they accept this life as normal as they have no knowledge of anything different?

Would it be better if they did know that life could be different? Or would that be far worse for them, knowing what it is that they do not have?


2 thoughts on “Live for Today?

  1. I find it difficult to respond to this one. I can’t imagine living In a world of hopelessness. I cannot conceive of it. I wish life was not as it is … Harsh & cruel sometimes. It’s hard to even think of. Good thoughts tho Bella. Deep & soulful.

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