Pesty Pete

I have an issue with a pidgeon in my garden. I should probably say I have an issue with pidgeons generally!

My pidgeon, I call him Pesty Pete, is rather cunning, and despite him being quite slow on take-off, I have never managed to catch him. This annoys me greatly.


He comes and lands on my grass, even if I am lying on it at the time! He seems to know that when it is hot, I will be a bit slow getting up! He doesn’t land if I am on my feet, so he’s not daft!

Mom looked him up on Google. Link
Apparently pidgeons are one of the few creatures that recognise themselves in a mirror! I don’t know how, as they nearly all look the same to me! But I guess that must show a certain level of intelligence!


Pesty Pete is a very healthy, fat looking chap. He hangs around my garden a lot, and quite often sits on my fence with his girlfriend. He’s not bothered by me at all, he knows I can’t catch him. Sometimes, now, if its really hot, I don’t even bother getting up. I just watch him with one sleepy eye.


Mr Google says pidgeons only live for 3-5 years so he will start to get old soon. If I am patient I will catch him eventually.


5 thoughts on “Pesty Pete

  1. Oh dear!!! I hope you don’t. He’s rather pretty & his girlfriend would miss him. There’s plenty of room in the garden for you & pesky Pete. Don’t you think?


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