I’m not lazy!!

Okay, so I am getting a bit fed up now, of being told all the time that I am lazy! I am not, honestly!


I get up every morning as soon as I hear Mom moving about upstairs. When she is working, this is really early, about 6.30 am. This week it’s nearer 8.30 so I get up with Dad instead.

I wander around getting under her feet until I have my breakfast, then I have a run around. Thats pretty active isn’t it?
This week I’ve done some gardening.


See? I planted out all the ‘frican marigolds and did lots of digging too. I’ve even done all the dusting today, while Mom sat and watched. Really!


While she was out today I ermm “watered” the garden for her, and guarded the house and Dad, while I waited for her to come back.


And when she came back, I took her for a walk, because, to be honest, she really needs the exercise. Without me to keep her busy I reckon she would sit around all day drinking coffee!

I do think she appreciates all the hard work I do for her though, because she made me a nice cup of tea yesterday afternoon.


But tea isn’t the same without cake, so I thought I would bake her one today as a treat. I hope she likes it.


So you see, I do lots of things, I am not lazy at all!

Now, you will have to excuse me, because after all that hard work I am thoroughly exhausted, so I think I might take a nap.


2 thoughts on “I’m not lazy!!

  1. Looks like you’ve join the working class group darlin. Oh … and I love the hat. Also … More terrific pictures of yooooo my darlin Bella. Keep up the good workies.


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