Humans and Hounds

Humans and hounds are so different that it’s pretty amazing that we get on so well. We have very little in common at all really!

For a start, humans only have two legs. They have hands to compensate admittedly, but how on earth do they stay upright? Its got to be easier when you have a leg in each corner!


They don’t have a tail either! I have seen some dogs who don’t, although I am sure we are all born with them! So why is that? Do you think they fall off, or do humans chop them off? Why would they do this? I love my tail!


Also, they talk such a lot. I hardly ever make any noise, the occasional bark maybe, but Mom talks all the time! They can’t seem to communicate without making a noise! I do it with my eyes, my nose, my ears, my tail, even my paws. And she says weird things, like, I have Grommit ears. What does that mean?


Humans wash a lot too, like, every day! Not just themselves but their clothes, their bowls, the floor! I get 2 or 3 baths a year, I lick my bowl clean myself and I don’t wear clothes, except in the winter.


They don’t sleep as much as us houndies. Sure they sleep at night but Mom and Dad go all day without a nap! Almost unheard of for me!


They are rather clever with their hands though. They are good at opening cans and packets and cooking things like sausages. And they are great for ear rubs and tummy tickles, it’s just not the same with claws.

Perhaps we should be glad of the differences, maybe that is why we seem to be made for each other. We make a good team, me and Mom.


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