Summer Days

Oh how I love the summer! Long warm days and short nights, early mornings and more time outdoors.


Today I am filled with the happiness I only feel when the days are long, warm and sunny, and my favourite person in the world is here with me all day long!

Mom had the week off work and waa doing lots of gardening. This means I get to be with her all day! When she is digging I lie on the grass and snooze while she talks to me, or sings along to the radio! She can’t sing for toffee, but has to have full marks for effort!


Every so often she stops digging, and comes to sit next to me. She rubs my tummy or strokes my ears, and I love that. I can’t help but make a soft wuffling noise, like a cat purring, only better! She smiles and chatters to me. She takes photographs as well, of me, or the flowers!


When she is weeding, I stand and lean against her. She doesn’t mind, most of the time, she just works round me, and strokes my head. She shoos me away when I get in the way but I can tell she’s not really annoyed by it.


She does get cross though when I bounce at next doors dog! I bounce up and down the garden along the fence and sometimes on her flowers. I don’t usually bark, although he does, I just bounce. Is that odd?


In the evening after she has tidied up, she sits outside for a while with a coffee and that’s when I run around and play silly games with my teddies, which makes her laugh! I bring them all outside one at a time, then pick one and throw it around.


The birds seem to sing a lot more in the evening, and we listen to them together for a while before going inside.

If only every day could be like today I would be the happiest houndy in the world!


5 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. Another beautiful story. I love your tales. You & Mom have a true bond that will only get stronger by the day. This is truly beautiful.

    Love you sweetie. xo


  2. This might be my favorite story to date. I love the tone of it & the quietness if your love for each other and the summer evenings spent together. And too the photos are stunning and definitely the best ones ever. I love you Bella.


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