Greyhound Recognition

Are Greyhounds different to other dogs, in the way that they seem to know their own kind? Are all greyhounds like this?

Yesterday I went to a greyhound meeting in Cannock Chase. It got me thinking about how we greyhounds react to each other, almost every time.


Before I came to live in my forever home, I had only known other greyhounds. I shared my life with them in the kennels and I didn’t have any experience with other dogs.


Afterwards, I was an only dog. I met Molly, a golden retriever a few times, at family meetings but we didn’t get on very well. She was very lively and over friendly and after a while in her company I got fed up with it and growled at her.

Out on my walks, I gave other dogs a wide berth, especially small ones. Small dogs make me nervous. I don’t know why, they just do. I either ignored the other dogs we met, or pulled away from them, or if they sniffed me, I growled at them. Mom was a bit perplexed but didn’t make a fuss.

Then one day, last year, Mom arranged our first greyhound meeting.  She took my muzzle with us, just in case, as she wasn’t sure how I would behave.


When I met Holly and Harry, to tell the truth, I did growl. Just for a second. Then I seemed to recognise that they were like me and I relaxed.we all sniffed each other and rubbed shoulders. Mom was surprised because that was so different to how I reacted to other dogs!


We started walking and when we met up with the other hounds, we just came together as a pack, as if we had known each other for ages. It just felt like the most natural thing in the world.

I have been to other meets, and I have been friendly with all of the other greyhounds, even the ones I have never met before. All of them were the same, except for one yesterday who was grumpy. We all just came together and got on. It seems to be normal.

What made me think, was that I am still the same with other dogs as I was before! I still dont like small dogs, although I tend to just ignore them now. There isn’t that family feeling that I get with greyhounds.

I wonder if it’s the same with other dogs. Do they recognise their own kind? Do they behave differently with different breeds? Or is it just us?


It would be interesting to find out but I like to think we are special 🙂


2 thoughts on “Greyhound Recognition

  1. I think all dogs know their own breed. Mom says we act different when we’ve met other boxers in the past. But she also says it’s probably because we’re all nuts! xo

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  2. I know it’s true for Greyhounds and my German Shepherd siblings like other Shepherds a lot, too, but they aren’t as picky about who they play with as we are. I’ve heard Sibes are a lot like we are with other hounds with each other, too. It would make sense since they are often used to each other’s company, too. I’ve met other sighthounds like Borzoi, and really liked them, too!


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