I first went on Twitter late last summer, out of curiosity,  and had no real idea of what to expect.

Mom had tried it herself but she said that she found it hard to meet nice people. So I thought I would have a go, and “Oh boy”, am I glad I did!

I have made so many new friends!

The first few weeks were a little bit awkward because I wasn’t sure of how to fit what I wanted to say into so few words!  But anipal twitter is so friendly that no one minded if you made mistakes, and I found that I could just join in any conversation and was welcome. I still remember how pleased I was when I had my first retweet!

Soon I met some special people, firstly Shayna, Mollie,and Ro. We chatted most nights, and although we all lived so far apart, we soon felt close. We were like family, Twitter family!



I had lots of other anipal friends, but that group was special, we had such a lot in common. I can’t remember who came next, but soon we were joined by Winnie, Ama and Maggs. We laughed and had fun and every evening we became closer. Ro and I flirted, and even though he was older than me, he became my Sweetheart! I loved him so!
We all got to know each other very well.

Then something dreadful happened. It was so unexpected that it shook us to the core.

Ro left us.

He was old and we knew he had been poorly that day, but it was still a shock. His poor Mama was devastated of course and we were too. It reminded us all of how fragile life was, and how we shouldn’t take things for granted. We were all very sad.


But we became even closer.

It wasn’t the same without Ro, and for a while there wasn’t much laughter. But life goes on, and we welcomed Lenny to our group, and Murphy, and then Ro’s Mom got Roxy! A collie puppy to join our little twitter family! Now we have Eva too, the detective!

We always talked about meeting up one day, we talked about playing together and our moms chatting, but it was always a distant dream.

But it’s a dream no more!

In September this year, we are all meeting up at WoofstockUK! Well the Moms are anyway, Winnie and Mollie’s Moms are coming all the way from America! Ama’s Mom from Holland and the rest of us from all over the UK, we are meeting up in Dorset.


WoofstockUK is going to be the best tweetup ever!


3 thoughts on “Twitterland.

  1. I remember Ro too, beautiful pal and so sad when he left to play OTRB with all da doggie pals 😢

    Can’t wait for #Woofstock it will be great to meet not only da family but other friends we have all made here on a Twitter too


  2. Well this is a great story. When came on I thought everyone had been here for a very long time. But we were all new it turns out. And Ro …. Well he was my first BFF. He sent me my first real gift thru the mail. As a matter of fact I received that gift the day he passed. I was devastated. I couldn’t believe I was so attached to someone way over there who was passing & I couldn’t do a anything about it. It was a very sad time for me & all of us. Thank u for this story & honoring our friend Ro.


  3. I remember Ro too. It was very sad when he passed and I remember the card and Mini-Me Ro being given to Lu at GGG.


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