The Pawty.

Twitter Birthday Pawties can be a lot of fun. They always seem to leave me with a houndy hangover. Cant think why!! This poem will only make sense to those who attended Sammys pawty last week.  You had to be there……..

There was a young greyhound called Bella,
Who decided to look for a fella.
He would have to tall
‘Cos a greyhound aint small,
At least that’s what most people tell her.

So Bella, she went to to a party,
She tried not to look arty farty,
She chose a new hat,
And settled for that,
And ended up looking quite tarty.

Young Winnie he said she looked pretty,
Like she was dressed up for the city,
She finds him so charming,
His wit so disarming,
But he’s Mollie’s boy, what a pity.

She danced with young Norman, but Missy,
The girl he was dating, got hissy.
She stamped on his toe
So he said “gotta go”
And the two of them got “kissy kissy”

She danced with a shepherd called Thor,
And he twirled her all over the floor,
But he stuck in the knife,
When he said that his wife,
Had arrived and was stood by the door.

Poor Bella she went to the bar,
She hadn’t had much luck so far.
Then she whispered “good lord”
As she noticed young Claude,
Climbing carefully out of his car.

He was handsome and tall, a Great Dane,
He was single and seemed to be sane.
They danced one or two,
Then she ran to the loo,
As she tasted the vodka again.

Oh what a disaster she thought,
That just when she’d found what she’d sought,
She had let herself down,
And she felt such a clown
So she went home with Maggs all distraught.

In the morning she didn’t feel well,
“You deserve it” said Mom ‘I can tell
That you had a good time,
But again too much wine,”
“It wont happen again Mom” said Bell.

Bet it will though……


5 thoughts on “The Pawty.

  1. Ha ha ha oh i luff it! Describes the pawty to a T!! Shame you didn’t “get it on” wiv Claude, he is hansum! Phoaw!


  2. How sweeeeet!!!!! Ure a great poet. But listn … Looks like u got another opportunity this weekend. At MY PAWTY. Can’t wait to see what happens.


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