Hot Car, Dead Dog…don’t make this mistake.

Reblog by Janette Hamilton – Do Not Leave Dogs In Cars When It’s Hot. You would think this was abvious, yes?

Everything Worth Knowing...

hot-car-safety-for-dogsWell folks the warm weather is upon again, and with it come the idiots who leave their dog in a hot car while they shop or dine in air conditioned comfort. You would think by now that people would have gotten it through their heads that a car in the sun with the windows rolled up is essentially an oven. Seems the general population is too stupid to grasp this so let me explain once again (as I seem to do every year) why you should NOT leave your dog in your car in hot weather.

Okay so you are going to the mall, you know you can`t take Fido into the mall so why did you bring him along? It is 98 degrees outside and inside your car it is much hotter. Fido won’t last long in those temps. You really should have left him at home.

I have…

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