The Dog Show

My future as a show greyhound is not to be, I discovered today.

I got up all excited, as I was going to a greyhound show. I was hoping to win a prize as the prettiest bitch. 

We set off nice and early in the car, picking up Moms granddaughter Lillian on the way, and got there in time to enter me in the competition.  Maggs came too with Oscar and she entered him in two classes, seniors, as he is 12 years old, and best dog.


Oscar is a lurcher, he is my friend and he is very handsome. It got very, very hot and soon we were panting.


The classes started late and took forever to judge. Some of the dogs looked a bit ragged. One had no tail, and others had faces with nasty looking scars. One in Oscar’s senior class had no teeth and had his bones sticking out!
We were very proud when Oscar came fourth and got a rosette!


It was ages until my class so the Moms got a coffee and Lillian got a can of pop, and we went to lie in the shade. There were lots of other dogs there too, we saw whippets, an irish wolfhound, a dalmatian, spaniels, pointers and lots of others.


Oscars next class was the one before mine. Sadly he didn’t win that one but he looked great there, his coat shining in the sunshine!

Then it was my turn!!

I walked into the ring with lots of other greys, a saluki type cross and a few lurchers. They all looked very good too and I was a bit tired and sleepy from the hot weather. I guess I didn’t prance jauntily enough though because the judge barely looked at me.


I didn’t win a prize. I was very disappointed and although Mom said it didn’t matter, and Lillian gave me a big hug, and Maggs said I was robbed, I still felt sad. I so wanted to win a rosette.

Mom says I’m the most beautiful houndy in the world to her, and that feels like everything to me, so I guess in the end it doesn’t really matter what other people think, does it?


7 thoughts on “The Dog Show

  1. Darlin u r so beautiful in that picture w Lillian that I wouldn’t worry one more moment about all this. Truthfully. U r a stunner in that purple outfit … A stunner. MUAH.


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