Bath day.

Mom’s taking me to a fun day tomorrow so today she said I had to have a bath.


I don’t see why I needed a bath, I was nice and clean already! And shiny, everyone says so! But still, she insisted.


She used the shower, so at least the water was warm, and used puppy shampoo so it didn’t make my eyes sting.


I wasn’t very happy about it. Not happy at all. I don’t like baths.


I look like a drowned rat! I was feeling very sorry for myself.


After I was rinsed off, I shook all over Mom. Then she wasn’t very happy either. But Dad thought it was funny!

I got out and had a lovely towel rub and then went downstairs.  I did lots of shaking and wetted 3 big towels.


Then I got a treat for being good! That was the best bit! Later I finished drying outside in the garden.


Mom says I look real pretty now, and smell good too. I’m hoping this means no more baths for a while!


5 thoughts on “Bath day.

  1. Awwwwww, pretty Bella! I wish I could smell that puppy shampoo through the phone.

    Oh and by the way, I love your long slender leggies!


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