A Worried Houndy

I am just a simple houndy but some things worry me a lot. At the moment I am very worried about other dogs. Dogs without a Forever Home.

Every day I see lots and lots of pictures of dogs that are looking for their forever homes. Most of them look like happy dogs, cute, friendly and healthy, all different kinds too. Why do they all need forever homes and where do they all come from?

Have they never had a family of their own? Did their family just not want them anymore? Have they been rescued from homes where they have been treated badly? Have they been naughty? Are they sick or dangerous? Have they been found on the streets homeless?  Have they always been looking for a home, since they were puppies?

Also, how come it is always grown up dogs that are homeless, and not the puppies? Where are all the puppies? Do they not need forever homes too? And you don’t often see those little tiny dogs there either, the ones that stay little. Is there a reason for that?

I can understand greyhounds looking for homes, because most of us have been brought up in racing kennels. When we retire, or if we can’t race then we need to find a nice home, like I did. That much is obvious. We don’t want to stay in kennels all our lives, or like the unlucky ones, live just to make more puppies.

I also think there must be some poor, sad dogs whose owners die, or get sick, so can’t look after them anymore. That must happen sometimes I guess. But surely that can’t explain many of them?  So where do the rest come from?

I just don’t understand it. Maybe humans buy cute little puppies, and then when they grow up, they swap them for another cute little puppy? Is that what happens? They don’t think grown up dogs are cute so they send them all to rehoming places? Or worse, do they abandon them? Would they do that with their lickle humans too?

I know there are some cruel humans out there, but isn’t it unthinkable? To swap your difficult toddler for a nice cute baby when they start to become expensive or just less cute?

So why does it happen to dogs? This worries my little houndy head, I wish I knew the answer.


One thought on “A Worried Houndy

  1. I wish I knew the answer to these questions too Bella. It’s is very sad indeed. But you know … Humans do abandon their own children & abuse them. Humans are very strange in my opinion. All the other animals in the world seem to be better earthlings than humans. I wish every doggie in the world the love & care it deserves. That’s what I wish for.


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